5 High-Tech Gadgets for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Ron Nanberg | Mon, May 14, 2018 | Bathroom Remodeling

Smart MirrorYou’d think the bathroom would remain exempt from the world of technology – but not so!

Now that bathroom's are no longer viewed as utilitarian spaces, the spa-like evolution of both master and hall baths has allowed vendors and manufacturers of bathroom features to get as creative as they want to be.

Don’t Forget These High-Tech Features in Your Chicago Bathroom Remodeling project

Here are some of the high-tech bathroom features our Chicago clients include in their luxury bathroom designs:

Mirrors in the shower

No need to hit up airplane catalogs and specialty gadget stores for shower-friendly, shaving mirrors anymore. Today’s contemporary bathroom designs include stylish, permanently installed, heated, fog-free mirrors for the shower.

Now you can get a clear view of your face while shaving, without having to leave the comfort of your well-designed shower space. Spouses and partners appreciate the fact that all those whiskers are whisked away down the drain, never to adorn the countertop space again!

TV Screened Mirrors

We first wrote a post about electric and TV mirrors back in 2015, when most people thought the TV mirror concept was a bit over the top. What a difference a few years makes.

As streaming technology continues to improve and gadgets have become a prime viewing medium, TV mirrors are gaining popularity quickly. They allow people to keep up with the news and their favorite video feeds while they get ready in the morning or while enjoying time in the soak tub (move over magazines, and books – TV mirrors are becoming the bathers go-to source).

Smart Mirrors

If you’re looking to design the ultra-luxury bathroom, you might want to invest in voice- and/or touch activated mirrors – taking the TV mirror concept an innovative step further. From streaming online contacts, to checking emails, voicemails and the latest weather forecast, Smart mirror technology transforms your bathroom mirror into an extension of your gadget’s touchscreen.

Hail the Super Toilet

We’re fans of heated floors because we think it’s an outrage to suffer the shock of warm feet on a cold, hard surface. Along that same vein, we’re also huge fans of super toilets, that ensure nobody’s tush experiences the abrupt shock of a cold, hard toilet seat. Some our favorites include Kohler’s Numi Intelligent and Toto’s Neorest models.

At first glance, you may think things like heated seats, automated flushers, bidet options, automated light settings and other extras may seem superfluous; once you’ve experienced them, however, these high-tech toilets are well-worth the investment, particularly in the master bathroom. And, did we mention they have self-cleaning functions....?

Motion sensitive and/or touch-activated faucets

Commercial businesses were the first to hone in on the water-saving (translating to money-savings) benefits of motion sensitive faucets. However, the sales for motion- and touch-activated faucets are increasing in the residential kitchen and bath design sectors as well.

Not only do they cut down on water waste (great for households with kids) motion/touch-activated faucets are also accessible, and recommended for universal designs that accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Plus, there's the added benefit of not having to manipulate a faucet handle with raw meat or other goo on your hands…

Interested in working with a Chicago bathroom remodeling professional that is on the forward-thinking edge of high-tech, luxury design? Schedule a consultation with us here at Kitchens & Baths Unlimited.

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Photo Credit: MirrorVue Smart Touch Mirror