Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Electric Mirrors and TV Mirrors

Ron Nanberg | Wed, Apr 22, 2015 | Bathroom Remodeling

TV_mirrorIt seems there's no limit to the level of luxury one can enjoy in the bathroom these days. The latest trend to sweep the bathroom remodeling market is the addition of electric mirrors. These mirrors can do everything from illuminate the mirror and vanity space to making the transformation into television screens and computer monitors.

Catch up on the news while shaving, stream your favorite shows while soaking in a hot bath or work at bit on the computer while you...er...utilize other popular bathroom amenities.

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Using Electric Mirrors

Since these are relatively new on the market, there are two major manufacturers whose products are proving reliable in this capacity - Electric Mirror and Séura. We're not affiliated with either company but will use their products as examples so you can see the different ways electric mirrors can enhance your bathroom design.

Electric Mirror's CEO Jim Mischel was quoted on bizjournals.com, "Imagine the traditional mirror used in every home around the world practically, and combine that with technology." Mirrored surfaces can be used to house everything from vanishing TV and computer screens to Bluetooth technology, speakers and more.

Electric MirrorsLighted vanity mirrors. It takes thoughtful design to create vanity lighting that is adequate enough to serve as utility lighting while remaining gentle enough to cast your reflection without harsh shadows or glares. Lighted vanity mirrors, are an attractive way to enjoy a nice ambient light. Also, for those who prefer a modern design motif, lighted vanity mirrors eliminate the need for separate vanity fixtures, which can clutter up the wall space.

Fog-free shower mirrors. Shaving in the shower is the way to go. Warm water opens up the pores, softens stiff hair bristles and washes all the resulting whiskers right down the drain - rather than collecting all over the vanity top. Unfortunately, dealing with the hand mirror in the shower is cumbersome. Thanks to companies like Electric Mirror, fog-free mirrors can be installed right into your luxury shower wall and lighted options are available.

Television in the vanity mirror. Perhaps the most tempting of the options, vanishing TV mirrors, mean you can watch the morning news or a favorite TV show while you're getting ready for work. They blow tablet TV viewing out of the water (pardon the pun if you plan to use it while you soak in the tub). The mirrors are made with a special glass that replicates a mirrored surface when the TV function is powered off. Models are available in frameless and framed versions, and you also have the option for a lighted mirror as well.

Not sold on the idea of the vanishing TV mirror but do like the idea of a waterproof mirror? You're in luck; both Electric Mirror and Séura offer waterproof TVs that work well in both kitchen and bathroom designs.

Looking for more Chicago bathroom remodeling ideas that are bound to be the wave of the future? Schedule a consultation with the pros at Kitchens & Baths Unlimited.

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