How to Convert Your Shower Into a Steam Shower

Steam ShowerImagine arriving home after a stressful day at work, or a cold day of outdoor activities. You step into a room, push a button, and are slowly enveloped in a warm, pleasantly scented cloud of steam. A comfortable bench allows you to sit or lay back comfortably as your troubles melt away. Sound heavenly? It's completely possible when you convert your traditional shower into a steam shower.

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Steam Shower Units: Design Factors to Consider

Steam Shower UnitWhen it comes to your brand new shower, there are a number of considerations that you can take, especially if you are choosing to implement a new steam shower. Steam shower units allow for a number of wonderful luxurious and comforting additions, such as mood lighting, rain showers, aromatherapy, and music player hookups. Here are some of the most important design considerations for your new unit.
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