Kosher Kitchen Design Ideas for the Smaller Kitchen

Kosher_Kitchen_Design_TipsIf you have the space and the budget, kosher kitchen design is a cinch. Some families opt to have two separate kitchens, others have two kitchens in one. But what happens when you don't have the space and need to keep a kosher kitchen? Don't despair. There are plenty of tips and tricks for keeping small condo and townhouse kitchens kosher, all it requires is a little more planning and the right professional kitchen designer.

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Kosher Kitchen Guidelines

Kosher KitchenKeeping a kosher kitchen entails not just serving kosher food, but also ensuring that your kitchen is kept entirely free of cross-contamination between food items such as dairy and meat. Here is a simple breakdown of what a kosher kitchen should look like and how it should function.
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Kosher Kitchen Design Tips for the North Shore of Chicago - Part 2

Kosher Kitchen Design - Part 2They say that the “kitchen is the heart of the home,” so it makes sense that in order to maintain a kosher house, your kitchen must be designed appropriately. In our previous post, we discussed a few basic elements of kosher kitchen design. Below are just a few more ways that you can implement a holistic kosher kitchen design to fulfill your needs and purposes.
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4 Kosher Kitchen Design Tips for the North Shore of Chicago - Part 1

Kosher Kitchen Design TipsKitchens & Baths Unlimited is a Jewish, family-owned business that has provided kosher kitchen design for the North Shore’s Jewish community, and surrounding Chicago area, for nearly thirty years. We offer two generations of expertise in providing beautiful and functional kosher kitchen design in the North Shore that will meet the needs of your family. We can even offer kosher kitchen design for small apartment kitchens. With our custom cabinetry and appliance knowledge, we can help craft the perfect kitchen for you. Below are 4 tips to keep in mind when creating a kosher kitchen. Look for more tips in an upcoming blog.
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