The Case For Designing Two Sinks In Your New Kitchen

Ron Nanberg | Tue, May 14, 2019 | Kitchen Remodeling

Designing two kitchen sinksWe live in a culture that bombards us with the idea that "more is more," but we feel the best Chicago kitchen design is one that prioritizes function over form, minimizing anything superfluous, to yield a usable, fluid and streamlined remodel.

That being said, there are some occasions where – you guessed it! – more really is more. That’s why we’re supporting the case for designing two kitchen sinks if you have the space for it.

Who Needs Two Kitchen Sinks?

First, let’s look at whether or not you – and your kitchen – are good candidates for the two kitchen sinks idea. Most of our clients who have taken advantage of this option:

  • Have small children so it’s always good to have an extra sink for hand washing, dirty dish storage and snack/food prep
  • Cook regularly and often
  • Like to entertain
  • Have a kitchen island that is the hang-out central for the main living spaces
  • Enjoy sharing the workload with other chefs

The busy family or kitchen hub

If your kitchen is busy, there is no doubt you’ll appreciate the extra sink located in the kitchen island or another spot that makes sense. Once this is established, your kitchen designer will work with you to evaluate who is most likely to be working where, or what each sink is likely to be used for, and then custom-organize nearby cabinets, storage spaces and adjacent countertops accordingly.

The two-chef kitchen

Partners who cook together, stay together – but only if they have a well-organized space and don’t have to bump into each other too much to accomplish the meal’s goals.

Thus, if you and your partner, or you and one of your kids, or you and a grandchild, love to cook together in the kitchen, consider installing two separate sinks so you each have a place to prep and/or clean up without having to wait around or continually interrupt one another's work.

Give your solo-chefing self a break

On the flip-side of the multiple chefs in the kitchen story is the always-working-solo chef. You, too, deserve to have a kitchen that functions how you want it to. If you tend to cook meals that require multiple pots/pans and dishes, you’ll also appreciate the space that opens up to you when you have two separate sinks to work with.

Now, one sink remains a relatively clean and open prep sink, while the other houses the dirty dishes or cookware you’re done with - but don’t have time to wash yet.

You love to entertain

If you love to entertain, you’re going to immediately embrace the reality of two sinks in your kitchen. Not only do they help with everything we’ve mentioned above – including food prep or dish overflow, you can also use the one in the island or on the peninsula as a sink-cum-ice storage, or an easy-access space for guests to grab chilled drinks, without having to enter the main kitchen work area.

Additional considerations if you install two sinks

Once you’ve decided to install two sinks into your Chicago kitchen remodel, there are some other things to consider:

The design team at Kitchens & Baths Unlimited has prioritized sensible but luxurious kitchen designs for more than three decades. Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll make sure you think of every little detail when designing your Chicagoland kitchen, including whether you’re better served by one sink or two.

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