Chicago Bathroom Design Ideas for Easier Cleaning & Maintenance

Ron Nanberg | Tue, Sep 11, 2018 | Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Design - Easier CleaningQuestion: What’s the next best thing to a stunningly well-designed bathroom?

Answer: A stunning, well-designed bathroom that’s low-maintenance and easy to clean!

Just because you’re a busy household, have lots of kids and/or pets, or have a partner (or self!) that’s harder on things in general, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a luxury bathroom design. Instead, focus on Chicago bathroom remodeling ideas that are luxurious and easy to clean and maintain.

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Low-Maintenance & Luxurious Features for Your Chicago Bathroom Remodel

Here are some of the tips and tricks we use to design bathrooms that even the busiest Chicagoland homeowners can live in with ease.

Use finishes and features that are durable

Investing in durability is a first step in designing a low-maintenance bathroom because you minimize repair and replacement costs. Yes, following manufacturer’s recommended maintenance instructions is important. However, choosing features, fixtures and finishes that are durable make that an easier tenet to live by. The wonders of fabrication mean you can achieve virtually any look you want without having to risk the lifespan of more delicate bathroom features.

For example, marble is considered a luxury finish, yet it doesn’t stand up all that well to a heavy, wear-and-tear bathroom (particularly a kids’ bathroom) because its softer, porous nature makes it more susceptible to etching, staining, cracks, dings, chips, etc. Instead, tell your bathroom designer you want to see samples of marble-esque quartz products. You’ll be amazed at how similar those slabs look to real marble, yet they never need to be repaired or replaced.

Examples of more durable finishes include:

  • Quartz rather than marble or other natural stones
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Engineered wood over natural hardwood floors
  • Harder species of wood if you do opt for hardwood floors (red oak, white oak, maple or hickory)
  • Lower-profile faucets that are less likely to be knocked or pulled on
  • Custom cabinets that are well-built and have a high-quality finish
  • Stains over paint (they’re less-likely to show wear and easier to touch-up)

Choose quartz countertops and ceramic/porcelain tiles

If you want easy-to-clean, you’re probably more of an “all-purpose cleaner” fan. Unlike natural stone countertops and tiles that require non-abrasive cleaners, quartz countertops can be sprayed and wiped down with just about anything – including the rough side of a sponge for dried up toothpaste and other bathroom goo. The same is true for ceramic and porcelain tiles – which are durable and also made in safe, slip-free options.

Minimize grout, small tiles, and frilly accents or adornment

You can simply scrub or wipe down without a second thought– or you can spend time meticulously cleaning with a toothbrush or a cotton swab. Which sounds better? By minimizing grout lines, small tiles and frillier adornments or accents, you minimize the time you spend micro-cleaning the edges, corners, recesses, niches, etc. Flat-panel doors and simple, streamlined finishes are your best best.

Re-think glass shower doors and/or shower door frames

If you really hate cleaning, you may need to forgo glass shower doors for shower curtains, which can be thrown away and replaced. If you do opt for glass, opaque options – rather than clear - keep you from having to be regimented with a squeegee or a reapply-necessary stain/etch shield.

Similarly, if you opt for glass, choose a frameless shower door so there are less edges, hinges and doohickeys to clean around.

This is just the beginning. Contact Kitchens & Baths Unlimited to glean more expert recommendations for your personalized, low-maintenance and easy to clean Chicago bathroom design.

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