Chicago Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: How to Choose Tile

Chicago Kitchen Remodeling - Choosing TileReady to select the tile for your upcoming remodeling project? Brace yourself; there's a lot to choose from. Rather than going in with "The world is my oyster..." mentality - which can lead to hours of pouring through thousands of tile samples, we recommend narrowing the selection for your Chicago kitchen and bath remodeling project ahead of time. This way, you'll spend your valuable time browsing tile samples that are realistic for the scope of your project.

Questions to Consider When Selecting Tiles for a Chicago Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Project

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling - Choosing TileThe following questions will get you to the dozens of tile samples that are more apropos for your project.

  1. Where will the tiles be living? There's a big difference between the tiles you'll consider for a kitchen countertop or backsplash versus the ones you place on the floor. Bathroom floor tiles are often different than kitchen floor tiles. The size of the tiles you use in your shower walls will be different than the ones you put on the floor. So, the location alone will have a big part in which tiles you view.

  2. Is it a children's bathroom? If you are designing a kids' bathroom or a hall bathroom that will be largely used by kids, you will have other factors to consider. You may wind up ditching the natural stone tiles on the floors in lieu of anti-slip porcelain tiles, for example. Opt for low- or non-porous countertop materials so you don't have to be as concerned about spilled soap, shampoo or long-term toothpaste dollops that may stain or etch a porous natural stone over time.

  3. What is your budget? Of course, your budget will play a large role in which tiles you select as well. Here's the thing about budgets; yes, they can be frustrating when they seem to be "limiting" your options. However, by having a firm budget, your kitchen designer or a particular show room will be able to keep what you view within your price range, which spares you from looking longingly at tile samples that aren't feasible. There are so many gorgeous different selections to choose from these days, you will definitely be able to choose a tile that you love and will look amazing, regardless of your budget.

  4. What are the maintenance requirements? Finally, every tile family has different levels of maintenance. If you choose marble tiles for a kids bathroom, you will want to clean them regularly and seal them more often than if you select marble for a barely-used guest bath. If you don't like to clean or seal, choose less porous tiles or manufactured tiles that tend to be easier to clean and don't require sealing as often as their natural stone counterparts. Also, the smaller the tiles, the more grout there is so select the largest size tile that makes sense for a particular application to minimize grout exposure.

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