6 Functional Ideas to Remember When Designing Your Chicago Bathroom

Ron Nanberg | Wed, Jul 27, 2016 | Bathroom Remodeling

Everyone knows looks aren't everything...or do they? The glitz and glamor associated with a new Chicago bathroom design can be intoxicating. And, we're all for beautiful and luxurious bathroom designs.

Chicago Bathroom Designing - Functional IdeasHowever, over the years, we've learned the best bathrooms are those that prioritize function first. Once a bathroom's functional "skeleton" is in place - created specifically with your household's needs in mind - it's easy to dress it up using all the bells and whistles you want.

5 Sensible & Functional Ideas for Your Chicago Bathroom Design

Before choosing color palates and motifs, check and see if you've thought about these five, sensible and functional ideas that will notably improve the bathroom's overall design.

  1. The Morning Routine. Most households experience two periods of "chaos and confusion" per day: morning activity in the bathroom and evening activity in the kitchen. The more you think about who's doing what, and where, in the bathroom each morning, the better we can organize layout and storage so everybody can get through their routine with time and space to spare. Start paying attention to how you use your bathroom in the morning, as well as the evening, and take note of anything you think is irritating, inefficient or that you wish were different.

  2. Positioning of the T.P. Roll. We admit it; we've never had a client who asked questions about toilet paper roll location during the first consultation. It's a small thing - but it's not a minor thing. There is nothing worse than completing your bathroom design, only to discover that the location of the t.p. roll is out of reach, at an awkward angle or - worse - has been forgotten altogether.

  3. The Lighting Design. Lighting is a critical part of any interior design or remodel. Bathrooms pose unique challenges because they often include irregular niches or alcoves, utility and ambiance lighting rub close together and there are a range of activities that can be taking place at the same time. Read, How to Create the Right Lighting Design, for bathroom lighting design specifics.

  4. Towel Bar Positioning. While it isn't quite as imperative as the location of your toilet paper roll, towel bar positioning is worth paying attention to. You want towels to be hung in locations that are comfortable to access from the bath or shower, or easy to reach from the sink(s). If you're designing a luxury bathroom, ask your designer about heated towel bars that pre-warm towels for you.

  5. Easy to Clean. Finally, the best bathrooms are those that maintain themselves, more or less. While self-cleaning bathrooms haven't been invented (yet), there are considerations that will make things easier. Consider using quartz countertops, which are non-porous and never have to be sealed. If you're tiling, remember that larger tiles mean less grout to contend with. Finally, install adequate bathroom ventilation, which will reduce the potential for mold or mildew growth.

Come in and speak with the design team at Kitchens and Baths Unlimited to get more functional ideas for your bathroom design.

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