Chicago Custom Cabinets: Not Just for the Kitchen and Bath Ya Know?!

Ron Nanberg | Mon, Nov 2, 2015 | Home Remodeling

Chicago Custom Cabinets - Fireplace Surround As long as you're ordering Chicago custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, you might as well consider other areas on the home that could benefit from an update. As you know, the more of any material you order, the better price you get, so your kitchen or bathroom remodel lends the perfect opportunity to add or replace cabinets elsewhere as well.

Forget About Kitchens & Baths - Other Rooms Like Chicago Custom Cabinets Too!

Let's forget about the kitchens and baths for a while and focus on other areas that can benefit from custom cabinetry.

  1. The living room. There's a night and day difference between furniture-based entertainment centers and custom shelving and storage systems designed for your entertainment center, library, photos and collections. This is especially true in an open floor plan design where main living areas are visible along with the kitchen and dining room. By designing complementary cabinet systems in these spaces, you gain a more cohesive design - as well as stylish, functional efficiency.

  2. Chicago Custom Cabinetry - Basement optionsThe basement. Remember when the basement used to be a dark, damp and scary place? Now, many Chicagoland families are transforming their basements into one of the main "home centers." Whether you use your basement for your laundry room, the playroom, a guest space or a potential rental unit - well-designed cabinetry will provide attractive storage solutions to keep things looking nice.

  3. Your home office. These days, we're finding more and more people add small home offices to their kitchen designs. Even so, those who truly work from home typically need a designated home office. In many cases, this ends up being an extra bedroom with a conglomeration of furniture that has accumulated as your work-from-home status grew. Or, perhaps you have one of those solid, one-piece desks that takes up a substantial corner or wall of your office space. Custom cabinets, drawers and shelving can be nice way to tidy things up, enjoy a more streamlined design and save a ton of space by replacing bulky furniture that doesn't need to be there with personalized storage features that do.

  4. The bedroom. Bedrooms have become an oasis these days, boasting luxury amenities that used to be shared by the whole family. One of these amenities is an entertainment center, so our master bathroom remodels often include an extension into the bedroom, where we build custom shelves or storage around the fireplace, for the TV and sound system and to serve as custom closet organizers. These same upgrades can be designed for any bedroom in the home.

  5. Chicago Custom Cabinets - Laundry RoomA laundry room. The difference between laundry rooms with a few sturdy shelving/storage units and laundry rooms with a customized design is stunning. Again, this is an easy addition while you're remodeling a hall or master bath because we can measure and order laundry room cabinets - complete with customized organization - at the same time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact Kitchens & Baths Unlimited to discuss other areas in the home where Chicago custom cabinets make sense.

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