Have You Ever Considered a Juice Bar or Morning Bar in Your Master Bedroom?

Ron Nanberg | Tue, Aug 6, 2013 | morning bar, juice bar
Morning BarImagine the simple pleasure of finding that your morning cup of coffee is right there and waiting the moment you step out of the shower. We all know that having a master bathroom attached to the master bedroom is a nice amenity to have, whether fresh and modern or classically elegant. But why has the same not yet been said for the morning bar?

What is a Morning Bar?

If you have never heard of a morning bar or juice bar, you are not alone. A morning bar takes on many of the qualities of a kitchen, although smaller and with fewer features – and very attractive. Functional and attractive, a juice bar includes several features such as a sink, a small refrigerator to store fruit juice and coffee creamer, as well as plenty of outlets and space on the counter for a blender, coffee maker, microwave, or other smaller appliances regularly used in the morning.

The Look of a Juice Bar

If you have read this far, you may be imagining that a juice bar in the master bedroom might look strange or out of place. Did you consider, however, that you could have a morning bar designed so as to integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of the rest of the bedroom? In fact, a juice bar can – and, arguably, should – be crafted to look nothing like a kitchen.
The design possibilities for a morning bar are endless, with customizable cabinetry and counter space. You can even include wine chilling drawers for prime evening relaxation. With the addition of a sink or washbasin for cleaning dishes, cups, and appliances, you can ensure that you can keep your master bedroom and kitchen completely separate.

A morning bar is a beautiful and practical addition to any master bedroom, whether to enjoy on a leisurely Sunday or to have convenient access to juice and coffee on busy weekday mornings. One of the many payoffs to this investment is the luxury of feeling like a guest in your own home – every day of the week.