Preparing and Surviving a Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Project

Ron Nanberg | Wed, Jun 24, 2015 | Bathroom Remodeling

Surviving a bathroom remodelPlanning and dreaming your Chicago bathroom remodeling project is the fun part. Enjoying your finished project is the thrilling part. Living through the remodeling process - - not so fun. There's no way to sugar coat it; remodeling is a noisy, messy business but the more prepared you are for what it entails, the easier it will be on your household.

Simple Steps to Survive a Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you are preparing to embark on your first remodeling project, check out A Home Remodeling Project Can Make You Crazy.." for some general tips on how to make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible. Once you're project is about to get underway, it's time to take more detailed steps to protect your belongings, your clothes and your peace of mind.

Invest in ear plugs. If you work at home, or will be spending time in your home during construction work hours, we recommend investing in earplugs. Construction can be noisy. Some noises are nearly intolerable for homeowners who aren't used to them (the high-pitched scream of a table saw cutting wood, for example). Other sounds can simply become aggravating over an extended period of time (the rhythmic pounding of hammers or nail guns). Ear plugs protect your hearing and your peace of mind.

Plastic off your/nearby areas. Construction dust is pervasive. If you aren't sure which areas of your home should be covered by plastic, talk to your design and build team. If there are bedrooms adjacent or across the hall from a hall bathroom renovation, put plastic over doorways to protect them from construction dust You can install zippered plastic for easier access. Put down plastic floor covers and change them out each week. It's always better to err on the side of caution because a whole room or closet full of construction dust can mean a lot of laundry and dry cleaning ahead.

Consider relocating your closet. If you're remodeling your master bathroom, you may want to consider moving out of your master bedroom for a while and sealing everything off. This may include relocating your closet to another room or area of a house. The more that plastic is opened/shut/opened/shut - the more vulnerable it will be to errant dust invasions so relocating to a different area of the house is often the least stressful option.

If that sounds too involved for you, utilize the zippered plastic option to seal off your closet and consider relocating the clothing you access from your dressers to the closet area so your dressers can be covered for the duration.

Minimize indoor air pollution. Cover your HVAC filters and vents to prevent fine construction dust from making its way into your system and around the home. Depending on the season, you may want to rely on fresh air from open windows/doors and keep HVAC use to a minimum. Change your HVAC filters when the work is done.

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