Chicago Bathroom Remodel: Master Bathroom Wish List

Ron Nanberg | Wed, Apr 15, 2015 | Bathroom Remodeling

keller_bathroom2It's time to plan your Chicago Master Bathroom Remodel. That means it's time to create your wish list. No matter how grandiose you think your ideas or visions may be, we always recommend dreaming big, getting it all on paper and bringing it along when you meet with your design and build team.

In some cases, your wish list will be our command. In others, architectural issues or budget may require modifications and adjustments to your building plans so you can achieve some version of everything you want.

Top 10 Requests for Chicago Master Bathroom Remodels

Here are 10 of the most requested items that have made the wish list for some of our most recent Chicago master bathroom remodels. Use them to inspire your upcoming design.

  1. Electric mirrors. These new products are remarkable. Electric mirrors provide built-in illumination, TVs inset right into the mirror, fog-free mirrors for inside your shower area, and more. They can transform your master bathroom experience - making it your favorite room in the house.

  2. Separate room for the toilet. Once you make the switch from utilitarian to spa - it's time to move the toilet into its own room or niche.

  3. Heated floors. Is this still a wish list item? We feel heated floors should be an automatic part of any bathroom design or master bathroom remodel. They will increase the comfort of the bathroom ten-fold, directly on your feet and to provide a room that is consistently warmed from the ground, up.

  4. Low-maintenance countertop. Why have to worry about whether or not your beautiful countertops are sealed adequately? Instead, use Quartz, Corian, Quartzite or other products equally as beautiful as granite or marble but with increased durability and much lower-maintenance requirements.

  5. Minimal grout. When deciding on your tile sizes, ask the designer about grout widths. The narrower the grout thickness, the less you'll have to do to keep the grout looking clean and fresh.

  6. Beautiful lighting. Lighting is especially important in a bathroom space due to all the reflective surfaces. Be thoughtful regarding your lighting design and fixture placement so your bathroom is well-lit - but beautifully illuminated - without garish glares or harsh shadowing.

  7. Adequate ventilation. While steam and fog (outside your steam shower) are immediate nuisances, they can be detrimental to your bathroom's look and function if they add up to accumulated moisture that leads to structural damage, mold, rot, etc. Adequate bathroom ventilation will keep moisture issues at bay.

  8. Air tub with in-line heater. Many clients like the idea of effervescent water, but aren't so keen on the water shooting out of the jets. For this reason, we prefer air tubs with in-line heaters. The air keeps the water moving and bubbly, the in-line heater keeps it at your desired temperature. It's a win-win.

  9. Say goodbye to the squeegee. Upgrade shower glass to treated materials that shed water from the glass you don't have to.

  10. Undermounted sink. Vessel sinks and stylized top-mounted sinks are best suited for guest baths that are used less frequently. Undermounted sinks make it easy to clean countertops and prevent the build-up of debris and grime that can accumulate at the edges of their vessel or top-mounted counterparts.

What's on the wish list for your Chicago Master Bathroom remodel? Schedule a free consultation with Kitchens & Baths Unlimited and let's get started turning those wishes into reality.

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