Chicago North Shore Bath Remodeling: 6 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

Ron Nanberg | Tue, Nov 25, 2014 | Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom RemodelingWe've posted plenty of blogs regarding what you should do or consider for your upcoming North Shore bathroom remodel. For this post, we're going to take a cautionary approach and share the six most common design mistakes we see when we are brought in to repair a bathroom remodel gone awry.

Avoid These 6 Common Design Mistakes in Your North Shore Bathroom Remodel

Not surprisingly, these mistakes occur when people get more focused on the surface aesthetics of their remodel and pay less attention to the long-term function and comfort of the bathroom space. Don't let any of these mistakes happen to you.

  1. No exhaust fan. Whoops! There are plenty of reasons why exhaust fans are a major bonus, especially since the bathroom is typically a shared space - 'nuff said about that. Bathroom exhaust fans are primarily designed for moisture control (rather than odor control) and having a high-quality model will prevent moisture damage as well as the development of unpleasant mold and mildew colonies.

  2. Not using the right paint. We'll piggy back this one since we're on the topic of moisture; you must use moisture-resistant paints in your bathroom. If you don't, the paint will begin to bubble, wrinkle and peel and it will leave your walls susceptible to water damage.

  3. Fixtures with low water pressure. Believe it or not, you can enjoy both water conserving efficiency and satisfying water pressure at the same time. You just have to know how to select the right bathroom fixtures.

  4. Ceiling-to-Floor shower glass. The idea of a tightly-sealed glass shower door, with nary a gap from floor-to-ceiling sounds great in theory. The problem is that these will trap the moisture and eventually cause mold. Instead, design a designated steam shower and/or use heated floors which will prevent the chill you're trying to avoid with an impenetrable glass shower shield.

  5. Not using appropriate water-proofing materials in the shower. Again, we find ourselves concerned with moisture. It's an issue. In addition to causing structural rot that can lead to significant and expensive repairs down the road, a moisture problem can cause your bathroom to have that damp and musty smell. Ugh!You don't want that. Make sure your contractor is using completely moisture-proof products in the shower - including your shower tiles. Not all tiles are worthy of your shower space.

  6. Not enough space by the toilet. We get that it isn't the most attractive feature in your bathroom, but the toilet shouldn't be an afterthought either. Don't let yourself - or your guests - have a claustrophobic experience in a cramped bathroom space. Instead, use at least 36-inches or more from side to side so that everyone can be comfortable. If your family is taller or larger, bump it up to be more spacious.

Planning for a mistake-free Chicago North Shore Bath Remodel? Contact the professional design team at Kitchens & Baths Unlimited. We take a comprehensive approach to bathroom remodeling so your finished design remains aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional, for many years to come.

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