Chicago Bathroom Remodel: Why a Walk-in Shower?

Ron Nanberg | Mon, Dec 5, 2016 | Bathroom Remodeling

Chicago Bathroom Remodel - Walk-in ShowerNot sure exactly how you want to configure your Chicago bathroom remodel? Or which type of shower will work best with the layout you've selected? Our guess is that a walk-in shower is the best solution.

There are plenty of reasons why we feel walk-in showers are the way to go, from the spaciousness they lend to the bathroom's visual space, to these showers' curbless, accessible appeal.

Reasons Why Walk-In Showers Make the Most Sense

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend designing a walk-in shower for a Chicago bathroom remodel.

  1. You will gain more space. Or, you create the illusion of more space. Walk-in showers do not require special floor trays or any kind of additional, cubicle-style framework that eats up valuable square footage. Instead, you work with your existing ceiling, wall and floor space, and simply amend them with waterproof materials. Walk-in showers are also a bonus in bathrooms with a funky or irregular shape because you can make them work just about anywhere - even in a corner space or right alongside the bath tub. Frameless glass shower doors also minimize any visual dividers or boundaries.

  2. They're safer. Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in the house. The combination of water and slick surfaces is a recipe for fall disaster - regardless of your age or physical abilities. Eliminating that curb means eliminating one of the largest bathroom hazards - getting into and out of the shower. You and your guests can walk right in, and anyone using mobility aids gains unrestricted access as well. This is why curbless - or walk-in showers - are considered a fundamental of universal bathroom designs.

  3. You can have a shower and a tub. If you were worried you'd have to sacrifice your tub for a luxurious shower, put those worries to rest. With a walk-in shower design, your shower and tub can utilize the same space if needed. Japanese bathrooms, where bathers shower first, then soak (and conserve water by using recirculating water heaters in the tub), have utilized this concept for generations.

  4. Enjoy shower luxuries. Your walk-in shower makes it easy to accommodate some of those luxurious extras you've dreamed about because you're no longer restricted by a frame or pre-fab cubicle. Now, double faucets (or triple) and overhead rain-shower fixtures are a go. The frameless glass allows you to add steam shower features without sacrificing space. Then, beautiful tile selections, complete with a gorgeous tile mosaic/design, will up the luxury factor even further.

  5. Ease of cleaning and maintenance. Without all the extra structural elements, there is less surface area, grooves, corners, etc., to clean and maintain. This is a major bonus for anyone, and is especially so for children's bathrooms and the master bathroom as you grow older.

Finally, walk-in showers are considered a high-end bathroom design feature, and that will benefit you down the road when you're ready to put your home on the market.

Visit the Kitchens & Baths Unlimited showroom to see gallery examples of beautiful, stylish walk-in showers.

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