6 Little Design Ideas That Can Have a Big Impact in Your Bathroom Remodel

Ron Nanberg | Tue, Dec 9, 2014 | Bathroom Remodeling

North Shore Bathroom RemodelA short time ago, we wrote a post about the 6 Little Ideas That Can Have a Big Impact in Your Kitchen Remodel. The same principles apply to your North Shore Master Bathroom Remodel. Designing your bathroom may seem like it's mostly about looks - at least that's where most of the fun resides - but how your family uses your household's bathroom spaces is equally important.

6 Little Design Ideas That Will Transform the Outcome of Your North Shore Master Bathroom Remodel

These six little details might not seem like much, but we bet that at least a few of them will become your favorite bathroom features.

  1. Heated floors. You haven't lived until you have entered your bathroom at the crack of dawn, or stepped out of a steamy shower on a cold winter's night, to step onto a heated floor. You will never have a plain tiled floor again. Floor heating systems are energy-efficient and you'll probably find you keep the bathroom thermostat set at a comfortable temperature during the summer months as well because your feet will become so accustomed to their new best friend.

  2. Treated shower glass. Clear glass shower doors are sleek, modern and help to open up your bathroom space. They can also help to give the appearance of an "open shower plan" if you like the idea but don't actually want to go there with your design. The problem is that traditional glass shower doors need to be squeegeed on a regular basis to maintain their clear, clean finish. This can make for maintenance that kids and significant others neglect. Paying a little extra for treated shower glass that doesn't require regular squeegeeing is worth it.

  3. Recessed soap and shampoo niches. Instead of installing corner or perimeter shelving that cuts into your shower or bath space, we recommend building recessed niches for a more streamlined look.

  4. Comfort height toilet. Comfort height toilets are practically a standard in many luxury bathroom remodels. For one thing, their slightly elevated height makes sitting/standing more comfortable. Secondly, comfort height is an accessible bathroom design feature and can help to increase the selling potential of your home down the road.

  5. Heated exhaust fan. Another major bonus in the shower and bath comfort department, heated exhaust fans will warm up your bathroom quickly and will also help to ventilate the excess steam that contributes to moisture damage if left unchecked. Some models offer the ability to direct the heat right where you want it, making this North Shore master bathroom remodel feature even more popular.

  6. Fog-free mirrors. If you, or your mate, shaves in the shower on a regular basis, we recommend investing in a high-quality fog-free, or fogless, mirror. The best ones work by using the ambient shower water/space temperature to heat the back of the mirror in order to prevent the build up on condensation.

Looking to implement the extra design details that make for a more personalized North Shore bathroom remodel? Schedule a consultation with Kitchens & Baths Unlimited.

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