Chicago Kitchen Remodeling: Design Details That Make a Big Splash

Ron Nanberg | Wed, Oct 28, 2015 | Kitchen Remodeling

Chicago Kitchen Remodeling - Design detalils that make a big splashThink about framed works of art. The art itself is the most important design component, but the matting and frame used to showcase it has a tremendous affect on how the piece resonates with viewers. Some texture accent here, pulling out the right colors there - seemingly small changes can alter what gets the "focus" of your gaze.

This isn't all that different from a Chicago kitchen remodeling project.

Design Details to Implement in a Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Project

While "showcase items," like countertops and cabinetry will always get the bulk of the attention - it's often the lesser-thought-about design details that make the biggest splash.

Color splashes. There are so many ways to add color. You can paint the walls, add color in your backsplash design or pick a modern countertop surface that has a colorful pattern. If those ideas all feel a little too permanent, try installing glass cabinet inserts or open shelving to display colorful dishware you can rotate according to color whim.

Chicago Kitchen Remodeling - corbelsCorbels. By definition, a corbel is an architectural structure that juts out from a wall to support a feature above in. In reality, an artfully designed corbel can add a tremendous design impact. You might use decorative corbels that match your kitchen design style (often used in traditional kitchens) to support the hood or a raised seating area off of your island. In this transitional Deerfield kitchen, we used scrolled corbels to support the hood.

Glass door fronts. That brings us right to glass door fronts. Glass inserts are attractive, different mullion patterns or etched glass can enhance it further, and you can continue the intrigue via decorative items stored inside.

Crown molding. Crown molding comes in every style, from traditional to modern, and helps to put a "finished touch" on any room in the house. It also makes a stylish transition between cabinetry and ceiling.

Chicago Kitchen Remodeling - Unique staining and decorative leg in islandUnique staining. There's no need to go basic with staining. You can use colored stains to get a hint of color while still enjoying the wood grains, or consider using different washes over the stain to add dimension, texture and style.

Mixing door styles. This idea works in any kitchen but is especially beneficial in transitional kitchens where mix-and-matching door styles can keep the kitchen decor balanced between two different design styles. Read, Do All of My Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be the Same Style..., to get more ideas for your Chicago kitchen remodeling project.

Stylized cabinet ends. So often the end panels of cabinetry are just left alone - Plain Jane style. Why not continue the theme by matching the ends of your cabinets to the door fronts?

Decorative legs. Similar to corbels, decorative legs can add a design boost and/or a "little something different" to your kitchen's overall appeal. Decorative legs work well to support the ends of extended kitchen island counters or peninsulas.

Move beyond the big ticket items and start envisioning the smaller design details that will add the right splash to your Chicago kitchen remodel.

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