Kitchen Cabinets: Door Inserts

Ron Nanberg | Tue, Dec 18, 2012 | Quality Custom Cabinets

As you design your custom kitchen cabinets, have you thought much about the door inserts? After all, just because you’re using that beautiful quarter sawn walnut on the frame, it doesn’t follow that you have to use the same material on the kitchen cabinet doors. In fact, changing the material of the doors is a great way to cut costs and/or make your look more unique.

Here are our 11 favorite ways to customize kitchen cabinet doors…


There’s nothing quite like wicker cabinet doors in between an exotic zebrawood frame. Whether you have a light or dark stained wood frame, natural wicker can really give your cabinets a unique look! Plus, it’s quite affordable. Consider different paints, stains, and weaves, and the options are truly endless.

kitchen cabinets mullion doorMullions (for Glass Doors)

Have some beautiful china or interesting pieces inside your cabinets? Why not let them be seen behind your kitchen cabinets with glass doors? Glass doesn’t have to be boring though. Adorn it with ordinary rectangular or custom craftsman mullions. Your kitchen cabinets will radiate with both an inner and outer beauty.


If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a look of sophistication and professional grade quality, then adding a stainless steel or textured metal finish to the door panels is a great way to go. From copper to ultra-brushed aluminum, a little bit of metal can do wonders for the entire kitchen.

Mesh or Fabric for Speakers

Kitchen cabinets are for much more than storing dishes these days. Consider paneling your cabinets with mesh or fabric and embedding speakers. Not only can this option break up the monotony of your cabinets – it’s also a great way to consolidate on space.


 If you’re looking for a way to make kitchen cabinet doors truly unique, then leather might be an option to consider. Available in an endless number of grains, stains, and colors, leather can add softness or weight to your cabinets, depending on what you’re looking for.

 Wood Veneers

Of course, the most common insert for cabinet doors is a wood veneer. By opting for a veneer, you can get an upscale look that contrasts your frame at a fraction of the price. Well-done veneer isn’t noticeable as being a veneer, and will last a lifetime. So, if you’ve had your eye on a unique type of wood, check into a veneer version of it.

kitchen cabinets wire option doorWire Options

Use chicken wire for a rustic, down-on-the-farm look, or opt for a delicate wire pattern to fully display the contents of your kitchen cabinets. Wire can be painted or left au naturel. For a really stunning look, try copper wire and a dark wenge frame.


Chalkboards are coming back into popularity with a vengeance. With high-quality chalk paint readily available, you can easily do this project yourself directly onto your kitchen cabinets, or replace the cabinet doors with actual chalkboards for maximum durability. Use the boards to leave notes and make lists, or commission some unique chalk art.

Cork Board

Similar to the chalkboard concept, the corkboard lets you transform your kitchen cabinets into a living scrapbook. Use your corkboards in a fun, whimsical way, or opt to decorate them as more-or-less permanent works of art.


The louvered design is a great option commonly seen in custom cabinetry. The slats can contrast nicely with a fine grain cabinet doorframe, or you can choose a simple kitchen cabinet frame, and stain or paint the louvers to make it the focal point.


Lastly, mirrored cabinet doors can be a nice option for when you’re looking to open up space in a room. If you have a small or poorly lit kitchen, installing mirrors in your kitchen cabinet doors can really open up and brighten the space.

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