Should I Remodel My Chicago, North Shore Home or Move?

Ron Nanberg | Wed, Jun 11, 2014 | Home Remodeling

Home Remodel or MoveWhen you feel you've outgrown your space, it's time to make a decision: Home Remodel or Total Relocation? Over the years, we have found most clients are able to make the changes they need by staying put and re-thinking the layout and function of their living space. It's amazing how a little reconfiguring and updating can completely transform the look, feel and function of a home.

Before making your final decision, schedule a consultation with an experienced kitchen and bathroom designer. You may find that no addition or major structural changes are required, in which case you can save money on an architect or construction team by letting us do all the work for you.

Things to Consider When Deciding Between a Home Remodel, Addition, or a Move

The following questions and considerations can help you make your next move - or stay!

Are we happy with the neighborhood? If you love your neighborhood, the nearby schools and parks, etc., it's probably worth it to figure out how internal changes and/or an addition can yield a house you can continue to be comfortable in. Moving is a major endeavor and it takes its toll both emotionally and physically. Your appointment with a professional design specialist can help you to envision your current home and living spaces in a whole new way. A new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom(s) remodel may be just what you need to gain the necessary space, flow, or storage you're dreaming about.

What would we like to be different? When most people look around at an old or outdated space, they have a hard time seeing how it can be reconfigured or amended to make it more functional as well as attractive. This is where home design specialists come into play. You may not be able to see the potential, but we sure can! Using innovative software, we'll show you detailed two dimensional plans and images so you can see how a few changes here or there make all the difference.

How old are we and what are our long-term plans? If you're getting close to retirement and live in a multi-level home or one that would be difficult to navigate as you grow older, consider making accessible design changes that will enhance your home now and will allow you to age-in-place as the years march steadily onward.

Do we need a full-scale addition or major architectural changes to make the house livable? Once you've answered the first three questions, you'll know the answer to the fourth. Keep in mind that a full-service kitchen and bath remodeling company can provide several services that a licensed architect can do for a more modest price. Don't waste money consulting with an architect unless your kitchen designer has told you the structural modifications required for your remodel or addition will require plans or approvals beyond their scope.

Schedule a consultation with Kitchens & Baths Unlimited to determine whether a thoughtful home remodel can spare you an unnecessary move.

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