Kitchen Pantry Design: Cabinet Pull-Out or Walk-in?

Kitchen Design Pull out pantry systemThe modern walk-in kitchen pantry is a sight to behold. Depending on the space available, it can be a veritable grocery store in its own right - row upon row of shelves, wine coolers, and excess appliance storage are all neatly stored out of the way of the daily kitchen flow. But, the reality is that most people don't have the space available to accommodate a grandiose pantry, or would rather use available square footage for something else. Fortunately, there are plenty of pull-out pantry options that provide all the food and accessory storage you need without infringing on available living space.

Beginning to create plans for an upcoming kitchen remodel? Here are ideas for pull-out kitchen pantry storage that will serve your family's needs without requiring a full walk-in option.

Swing pull-out pantry. From the outside, it looks just like a tall kitchen cabinet, but once you open the doors, sleek, modern powder-coated steel shelving neatly organizes all of your pantry items. The Häfele Swing Pull-out Pantry in chrome is a space saving solution that gives you all the benefits of modern pantry options. The shelving is suspended by durable full-extension runners and they slide easily along the track for access to your food items.

This pantry option is available in multiple heights, ranging from 40- to 70-inches. It requires a minimum of 14 and 3/4-inches clearance to the adjacent wall.

Rev-A-Shelf. The Rev-A-Shelf pull-out kitchen pantry acts as full pull-out panel. It is deeper than the Häfele model. The shelves are made from tempered glass, surrounded by chrome-plated wire. With this model, the depth of the pantry is optimized by the width of the horizontal shelves and cabinet panels, making it a convenient place to store both food items and countertop accessories that may not fit in available cabinet space. It is available three different heights and two different widths.

Converted cabinet space. You don't have to purchase after-market products in order to enjoy the benefits of efficient, hidden pantry space. We can create customized pantry space within your existing cabinet design. For example, you can install a series of shelves in varying heights and widths accessed by larger cabinet doors, which functions as a built-in pantry.

Functional dead space. Thoughtful kitchen design should eliminate the dead space that is so common in the family kitchen. A wonderful example is the vertical space on the side of refrigerators. Instead of using it to store your kitchen broom and dustpan, along with an unsettling amount of dust, grime and cobwebs, you can convert this wasted space into a pull-out pantry, creating a completely integrated look.

Pull-out shelves. If you use cabinet space as a pantry, we recommend installing pull-out shelves, which will help you keep your pantry space organized and will prevent you from getting down on your hands and knees, or reaching awkwardly into cavernous cabinet spaces.

Contact Kitchen & Baths Unlimited and our design professionals will assist you in planning convenient, attractive and efficient kitchen pantry space.

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