5 Top Areas That Break a Budget in a Chicago Kitchen Remodel

Ron Nanberg | Thu, Sep 8, 2016 | Kitchen Remodeling

Chicago Kitchen Remodel - What breaks a kitchen remodel budgetReady to have some fun? Let's sit down and balance the budget.

Wait. Hey! Where did everyone go? C'mon! You're gonna love it...


There are six little words that can really burst the kitchen design enthusiasm bubble: The Budget For Your Chicago Kitchen Remodel.

It's true; unless you have an unlimited budget (a rarity), thinking about the financial cap is not always the most fun part of the design process. However, if you balance your budget adequately - and leave a little emergency wiggle room (10% - 15%) - you'll have a much easier time narrowing your options and deciding on the best finishes and features to make your kitchen come alive.

Top Budget Breakers For a Chicago Kitchen Remodel

In order to balance your budget in a reasonable way, it's important to know which areas are "the biggies" and are the most typical budget-breakers. That way you can allocate a reasonable amount of funds in those categories, and let the rest trickle down the remodel list accordingly.

If you haven't met up with a kitchen design-build team, now is a great time to do that. The right company will help you create a reasonable budget so you don't have to go back to the drawing board midstream.

  1. Changing the Layout. If your kitchen needs to be reconfigured or your remodel will include a new layout, that will cost a little extra. In most cases, a brand new layout requires updated plumbing and electrical work, which drives the labor costs higher. New configurations might also require replacing the flooring (if you weren't planning on doing that otherwise), which is another cost to consider.

  2. The kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are certainly one of the biggest investments, and that makes sense since they comprise the majority of floor space in most kitchens. Plus, cabinets are necessary to organize and store kitchenware and pantry items. The good news is that if you make smart cabinet decisions, you'll benefit from timeless cabinets that last for decades. You should never need to replace them again. If you want custom cabinets but are worried about your budget, think about semi-custom cabinet options or switch out some of the cabinet boxes for open shelving, which has their own fair share of benefits.

  3. Countertops. Of course, it probably comes as no surprise that cabinets are another big-ticket item in the world of kitchen remodeling. Especially in an era where granite and natural stone slabs have traditionally reigned supreme. Quartz is at the top of the budgeting tier (although it's low-maintenance and almost impervious to wear-and-tear, which saves money on the back end) as is granite. More affordable options are Corian or ceramic tile - the latter of which can look surprisingly like natural stone.

  4. Appliances. The fourth and final item on our list are appliances. These days, homeowners looking for luxurious kitchen remodels opt for the very best appliances - Wolf or Viking rangetops and ovens and sub-zero refrigerators. They install extras like espresso machines and temperature-controlled wine storage. If budget is at all an issue, think about which things are the most crucial to your household's daily kitchen use and invest there. For example, if you don't bake a whole lot, a good-quality oven will suffice. If you mostly microwave, invest in one that also has convection features. Consider saving the "gourmet extras" for somewhere down the road - even though we should talk about their placement now so your cabinets are arranged accordingly.

    Having a hard time creating a Chicago kitchen remodeling budget that works? Schedule a consult with the design pros here at Kitchens & Baths Unlimited. We'll help you to get those dollars lined up in a way that makes "cents" for your household.

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