Chicago Custom Cabinets: Pros and Cons of Framed and Frameless Cabinets

Ron Nanberg | Mon, Oct 26, 2015 | Quality Custom Cabinets

Chicago Custom Cabinets - Framed or Frameless?One of the questions you'll be asked early in your kitchen remodeling journey is whether you want framed or frameless cabinets. Both are options when you order Chicago custom cabinets and both are beautiful additions to your kitchen design.

Thus, your preference should be almost wholly based on your kitchen design style.

What's the Difference Between Framed and Frameless Chicago Custom Cabinets?

If you want to read more detailed answers to that question, check out the KBU blogs on Framed Cabinet Design and Frameless Cabinet Design. In a nutshell - we would summarize it by saying that until the 1960s, framed cabinets were really the only option here in the United States. Over in Europe, however, things were changing and modernist designers began removing what they thought of as superfluous materials - and that included cabinet frames.

Once the trend caught on in the U.S., modern homeowners typically selected frameless cabinets while traditionalists opted for framed versions. In the beginning, framed cabinets were also sturdier than their frameless counterparts. Now, though, any high-quality Chicago custom cabinets will be equally durable whether they're framed or not.

For that reason, the Pros and Cons have more to do with aesthetics than anything else:

Some of the pros of framed cabinets:

  • They present a solid and substantial look
  • Work well in traditional designs
  • Typically cheaper than frameless or inset cabinets

Some of the pros of frameless cabinets:

  • A more streamlined appearance
  • More accessible storage access, no frames to get in the way
  • Work well in modern/contemporary kitchen designs
  • They optimize storage in smaller kitchens

How Do I Know Which Chicago Custom Style to Choose?

So how will you know which one to pick?

Consult with a professional kitchen designer. Meeting with a professional kitchen designer is the simplest way to determine which style is better for you. You will be able to see plenty of pictures of both versions and this will help you determine which look you prefer. Plus, you'll be able to discuss your kitchen's dimension, layout and prospective design style, which can further assist in your decision making.

Think about size. One of the reasons Europeans became fans of modern design is that city dwellers were often squeezing into small living spaces. Since every inch counts in small apartments or homes, minimalism was an easy trend to adopt. Similarly, homeowners living with a smaller kitchen will want to optimize their space, and frameless cabinets are typically the way to go since you get more storage-ability in less square footage.

What is your design style? If budget isn't a real issue for you, then you can honor your true design style. For traditionalists, may mean going with framed cabinets- although you can also incorporate traditional features using inset cabinets as well.. If you prefer a more streamlined, modern or contemporary look, then frameless is probably best for you. Transitionalists often choose frameless cabinets with traditional doors to achieve the best of both worlds.

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