Chicago Custom Cabinets: Introducing Bremtown Cabinet Maker

Chicago Custom Cabinet Dealer - BremtownJust as all kitchen and bath designers have their own "feel", so do Chicago custom cabinet makers. We have been in the design and build business for more than thirty years and, in those three decades, Kitchens & Baths Unlimited has narrowed our vendor options to the very best in the industry. Each one does, indeed, have their own flavor but all of them offer beautiful, high-quality and stylish custom cabinet options that we back with 100% satisfaction guarantees.

Recently, we published a post on Grabill Custom Cabinets, one of the oldest custom cabinet makers on the market. This time, we're going to feature another of our favorites: Bremtown Fine Custom Cabinets.

In the Market for Chicago Custom Cabinets? Meet Bremtown

Bremtown Fine Custom Cabinets got its start in 1977. The seventies were a big decade for cabinet manufacturers, it's the era when the most reputable brands we work with got their start. Bremtown's brand is highly personalized and, unlike most businesses these days, they are perfectly content remaining a bit smaller in stature in order to maintain their family-owned feel and to deliver superior customer service and product satisfaction.

As they say, "We’re not the big massive machine that roars and spits and ships its product to every corner of the globe. Rather, we are a local, dedicated, committed team of people who believe that remarkable quality trumps quantity every time." To accomplish that mission, Bremtown has built their business to be large enough to maintain a reasonable custom cabinet build-out schedule but small enough that there is never a need to sacrifice craftsmanship in order to "churn out" higher number of cabinets for profit.

Bremtown focuses on high-quality materials and craftsmanship and spends a great deal of their energy educating their client base so homeowners know how to to prioritize high quality along with looks. They offer product lines for all kitchen styles, modern, transitional and traditional, and they make sure the finished product has all of the right hardware to facilitate smooth operation and a stylish aesthetic for years and years to come. You can find a perfect examples of this in the KBU Kitchen and Bath Portfolio, where several of our kitchen and bath projects contain hyperlinks with detailed descriptions of the options and upgrades.

Bremtown cabinets are represented frequently in our portfolio. An example of the timeless aesthetic mentioned above is found in this Northbrook Bathroom Design, where clients chose frameless cabinets (contemporary) with a Saratoga door style (a hint of traditional flair). Another example of how frameless cabinetry can be used to balance the line between traditional and contemporary are these kitchen cabinets, which used shaker-style doors in a Stateroom finish - embellished with horizontal rails and custom beveling.

Would you like to learn more about the high-quality Chicago custom cabinets that will help to create a personalized look in your upcoming remodel? Schedule a consultation with the design team at Kitchens & Baths Unlimited. We perform kitchen and bathroom remodels that last a lifetime.

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