Bathroom Remodeling: Considerations for a Glass Enclosed Shower

Ron Nanberg | Mon, Jan 6, 2014 | Bathroom Remodeling
Glass Enclosure Bath Remodeling resized 600If your home is undergoing a bathroom remodeling project, then you may have already considered installing a glass enclosed shower. However, you may not yet know about all of the options available to you in terms of glass type for the utmost in elegance. There are a few factors to take into account – thickness of glass, safety, and clarity.

Glass Thickness Matters

Your glass shower is certainly not a one-size-fits-all operation. The glass thickness you choose is entirely dependent upon the type of shower you are installing.

For instance, an extremely thin glass of only 1/4 inch is an excellent option for bypassing shower doors entirely on a tub enclosure. This option can result in a barrier between the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom that is both elegant and practical.

The width for a standard shower enclosure should be 3/8 inch. This is by far the best option for your bathroom remodel because it will also help to preserve the lifespan of the shower door’s hinges, which are typically used for 1/2 inch glass panels. Of course, 1/2 inch is also a good thickness – specifically for a steam shower. The thicker glass helps to prevent heat from escaping.

Safety of Glass Enclosures

One of the most important aspects of choosing your glass type is to consider safety. Tempered glass – also called safety glass – is actually standard in the bathroom remodeling industry. This is because tempered glass is by far the safest option, because it has been treated with extreme heat and rapid cooling. As such, when broken, this kind of glass will never break into sharp, jagged edges and instead the entire panel will shatter into small oval pebbles.

Color and Clarity

Standard glass has a somewhat greenish tone, which can be quite noticeable in comparison with Starphire glass. This brand of glass is known for its unbelievable clarity, doing away completely with the green tint.

You should also consider whether you want frosted or clear glass. Frosted glass is an excellent choice for those who prefer a little bit more privacy in the shower. But for circumstances where privacy is less of a concern, beautifully clear glass such as the above mentioned Starphire is a wonderful option for making the bathroom look and feel larger. For avoiding an unsightly buildup of soap scum, glass can also be treated with an application that works like Rain-X, helping your glass shower look new for longer.

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