Kitchen and Bath Design Chicago: Great Online Resources for Design Ideas

Pinterest - Kitchen and Bath DesignTwo of the most important steps in executing kitchen and bath design ideas are organization and planning. However, neither of these are possible until clients have a clear idea as to their personal style and tastes. One of the easiest ways to narrow down your own preference is to spend time perusing design websites, and bookmark the photos and articles that appeal to you.

It doesn't matter if your collections seem scattered or disconnected at first. When you bring them in to professional kitchen and bath designers, they will be able to help you sort through them and pull out recurring themes, color palates, and furnishing preferences, narrowing them down to the ones that best suit your home.

Here are our Top 5 recommendations for online resources for your kitchen and bath design ideas.

  1. Houzz. If you've done any recent online research, no doubt you've come across this gem. Houzz consistently ranks in the top search engine results for virtually any keyword phrases related to kitchen/bath design. This is because of the shear volume of photos and design information their site contains. You can start personal design and idea books, where you can archive your favorite photos and blogs from their site. They also offer their own Houzz Home Design Mobile App. One of their most exciting features is that followers and designers can actually communicate about colors, makes and models of furnishings and fixtures, etc.

  2. HGTV. Famous for their home buying, renovating and redecorating shows (House Hunter addicts, anyone?), HGTV also has an extremely useful website. Subscribing to their blog will provide regular tips and examples of kitchen and bathroom designs for every taste. They have ample photo albums as well, which can help you to search for designs in homes and/or rooms with similar features as your own. Perusing their website by room, and then by feature, will provide more relevant photos and information.

  3. Better Homes and Gardens. Formerly one of our grandmothers' favorite magazines, BHG has remained hip decades later, and their website has a plethora of helpful design tips that are divided up in small snippets with beautiful, high-quality photos of the fixture or technique in question. While you can also glean helpful recipes, gardening tips and fashion highlights, we recommend heading straight to their decorating section for advice about interior design, paint color selections, and more.

  4. House Beautiful. Here is another magazine-slash-design website that is difficult to leave once you enter. It is 100% dedicated to interior design and you can easily browse their photos and articles with an emphasis on kitchen design and entertaining.

  5. Pinterest. Finally, we recommend using Pinterest. Not only will you find Pins from the design websites listed above, it's also a wonderful resource for seeing interior designs executed by "real" people and interior design professionals. Check out K&B's Pinterest page to see some of our own Chicago kitchen and bathroom remodels.

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