Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Pros and Cons of Concrete Countertops

Kitchen Renovation Concrete CountertopConcrete is becoming more and more popular as a material for kitchen countertops. If you are currently doing research on countertop materials for your kitchen renovation, then it may be time to consider concrete. Made from a multipurpose mortar blend, concrete countertops consist of a ratio of three parts sand to one part cement. If you are concerned that your concrete countertop will look like a sidewalk, not to worry: these countertops can be beautifully made and shaped, and can even have any color added to them. The final result will look industrial, modern, and durable.

Pros of Concrete Countertops

These countertops are some of the most heat-resistant, durable, and customizable of any of the countertops on the market. Additionally, for those concerned about the environmental impact of concrete, it is perfectly reasonable to locally source or even recycle the various components of concrete countertops.

The customizability factor of concrete is one of the most popular aspects of this material, as it is completely possible to add individualized shapes and details to the finished product. You can even set glass or stone pieces into the concrete, creating beautiful patterns or borders. Concrete is fully capable of withstanding enormously heavy use. In addition, concrete is also a wonderful option for outdoor kitchens, withstanding temperature changes and adverse weather as long as it is regularly well sealed.

Cons of Concrete Countertops

Of course, when it comes to every last detail of your kitchen renovation, you will probably want to consider some of the downsides to concrete countertops. For instance, concrete is one of the more porous materials on the market and as such is definitely prone to staining unless it is properly sealed, with this sealing well maintained. Additionally, concrete can crack over time. While small, hairline fractures are barely noticeable, they can accumulate and deepen over time. These fractures can also pose a problem with buildup of bacteria, which makes sealing even more imperative.

The weight of concrete is a turn-off for some. Because concrete is so heavy, it is absolutely imperative that the material be well supported. Also, due to the breadth of customizability options, a concrete countertop is one of the more expensive options for your kitchen renovation.

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