Fun Craft Room Ideas for All Ages

Ron Nanberg | Tue, Jul 9, 2013 | Home Remodeling
Craft Room IdeasCraft rooms have become increasingly popular, appearing in many homes, and catering to both children and adults. Part of what makes craft rooms so wonderful is that they can bring families together across all generations. Parents and grandparents can create beautiful and imaginative projects with their children and grandchildren, or adults can gather with friends and a bottle of wine for a relaxing night in. These craft room ideas can help you make the most of your creative space, whether you are crafting alone or with family and friends.

Maximize Storage Space

The design of a great craft room should be centered around storage. A craft room needs plenty of cabinets and drawers to store supplies, accompanied by expansive counter space. When choosing cabinets for your craft room, you can actually consult with your kitchen designer – cabinets and counters are an experienced kitchen designer’s area of expertise. Glass fronted cabinets that let you see your craft supplies are always a good choice. Cabinets that will serve you best in a craft room are often the same cabinets providing superb storage in your kitchen.

Similarly, when considering craft room ideas, you will want to include lots of drawers for holding supplies. These also can be sourced through your kitchen designer. You’ll want to fill these drawers with organizers to hold smaller craft supplies such as pins, buttons, beads, and more.

Wind It All Up

Another way to store items in your craft room is on spools. Spools are ideal for paper, yarn, and ribbon. With spools you can simply unwind the quantity you need without worrying about crumpled paper or tangled string.

Work Together

Finally, to really create a fun and functional craft room space, you will need an expanse of counter space. Island style counters are the best craft room ideas because they allow large groups to gather around and work together. A higher counter that can be stood at or paired with bar stools is a good choice for craft rooms.

Photo credit: c. jaeger