The Difference Between a Kitchen Designer and an Interior Designer

Ron Nanberg | Thu, Jun 20, 2013 | Kitchen Design
kitchen designer vs. interior decoratorIf you are undertaking a remodeling project in your kitchen, it makes perfect sense to hire someone to assist you. If you have not decided whether to enlist a kitchen designer or an interior designer, look no further to figure out the difference.

Interior Designers

Many homeowners opt to find an interior designer. The advantage of hiring an interior designer to help with your remodeling or renovation is that the designer will be able to accompany you as you select various materials and styles for remodeling. When you enlist the help of an interior designer, you have a lot of leverage and input, but he or she can also offer suggestions and ideas for what may look the best in your space.

An interior designer can assist you with choosing everything from paint colors to finding a new kitchen table to complement the rest of your kitchen. An interior designer approaches the project with a more generalized view for color, texture, and material for your space, whether working with kitchen cabinets, backsplash, or granite countertops.

Kitchen Designers

A kitchen designer is a much more specialized expert who can assist you with other parts of the process. When you find a kitchen designer, you will have an individualized assistant who can help you with every aspect of planning your kitchen, including cabinet form and function, from materials, styles, and finishes to space requirements, restrictions, and space availabilities. Kitchen designers will know all the specifications and then some.

Additionally, a kitchen designer is available to visit your home to meet with you. These experts will take measurements and design the overall look of the space. They can provide you with a price quote and a timeline for the project. The job of the kitchen designer is to ascertain that the progress of your project goes smoothly and efficiently by arranging the delivery of materials for you, as well as assisting in the permit process.

Working as a team!

For homeowners, it can be daunting to make all of the material selections on their own. The ideal situation, if the budget permits, is to have the interior designer and the kitchen designer work as a team to achieve the project goals.  While a kitchen designer will not accompany the client from place to place to make selections, he or she can provide a valuable service by having the homeowner bring their selections into the showroom to determine just the right color palette. The guidance of a kitchen designer and an interior designer are priceless.

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