Laundry Room Ideas For Your Remodeling Project

Ron Nanberg | Tue, Oct 2, 2012 | laundry room remodel

Although we specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling, our designers have a knack for turning just about any space into a brand-new, cozy, comfortable living area for you and your family. A laundry room isn’t exactly the first room that comes to mind when you think of comfortable and cozy, but when you think about it, why shouldn’t it? Laundry is a fact of life, so you might as well be comfortable and enjoy the space you do your laundry in.  We hope you find these laundry ideas helpful.

Laundry rooms shouldn’t just be a place to put the washer and dryer. With our help, you could have a functional space that helps you do laundry, instead of a cramped space that gets in the way of your laundry efforts. Here are some ideas we’ve given our clients in the past for laundry room solutions.

Turn Your Laundry Room into a Productive Space: Adding a Desk Laundry room ideas

Adding something as simple as a desk can give any laundry room a surprising productivity boost. The extra surface area and convenient workspace can be infinitely repurposed as your family grows. Folding clothes is only the beginning for a laundry room desk: it can become a craft and hobby area, a reading nook, a sunroom, and even a space for your children.

Create A Dedicated School Zone for Your Children

Laundry room ideas Having an organized, dedicated study space has been linked to better grades and scholastic performance for years, so your school-age children and grandchildren can most certainly benefit from a laundry room study area. Turning your laundry into a “locker room” for coats, shoes, school supplies and backpacks keeps that excess clutter out of the rest of your house, and teaches children the value of keeping everything in one place. No more lost shoes and missing books!

Turn Open Space into Storage Space Laundry room ideas

Adding countertops, hanging and shelving space are excellent ways to use all the available space in your laundry room. You can keep your cleaning chemicals out of harm’s way, away from children and pets by storing them on a high shelf mounted above your normal reach. With a simple footstool, you can access household items you don’t necessarily need every single day on these raised shelves. Lower shelving and countertops also give you another extra storage space solution for clothing, keeping accessories and tools in a convenient location, and for creating a dedicated laundry “space” within a larger room.

Add Hanging Space to Maximize Productivity

Beneath higher shelving and above lower shelving, cabinetry and countertops, you can easily have an additional hanging space for clothes installed. With a dedicated bar or space for hanging clothes in your laundry room, you can transfer delicates and freshly cleaned clothes directly to a hanger to reduce wrinkling and keep them fresh. The extra hanging space can also be a convenient spot to hang seasonal clothing if space is at a premium in your closets.

These are just a few of our laundry room ideas. If you’ve never thought about remodeling your laundry room, or you would like to convert a space within your home into a functional, useful laundry room, give us a call today!